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I began construction of my first mobile unit June 1974. I needed a four-person hearing testing unit for my industrial testing company, Industrial Audiological Services. There were special perimeters which needed to be incorporated into the design such as three individual automatic test booths and one test booth to do manual testing. None of the mobile unit manufacturers at that time wanted to build such a specific unit, so I decided to build it myself.

When other providers of mobile testing services saw the unit and the uniqueness of design, I began to get orders for mobile test units. Hence the beginning of mobile unit construction.

We are the only mobile unit manufacturer that has professionally used our own units in providing clinical medical services, industrial hearing testing, vision and pulmonary screening, hearing aid dispensing, diabetic shoe dispensing, and providing medical services to nursing home residents.

WE KNOW HOW TO BUILD THEM BECAUSE WE USE THEM. We work closely with all of our clients to custom design a unit which will work efficiently and productively for their needs and requirements, and we design units within the scope of our client’s financial perimeters.

All units are custom designed from the ground up. We select mobile chassis that are appropriate for the size and weight of your equipment. We do the same with our trailer units – selecting axles, tires, and suspension to give you an easy to pull, fuel saving, safe, long lasting, professional looking unit.

We are the only manufacturer that has access to both aluminum and fiberglass construction in an infinite number of design possibilities in both self-propelled and trailer designs.

Healthcare Enterprises also has a large Repair and Refurbish Department. We have experience in all types of repairs. We can make your unit look like new again. Also if you want to add new equipment or replace existing equipment, we can offer these services. Please compare our repair and refurbishing costs to anyone else – we will beat their prices.

As Founder and CEO, I assure you that as a client of Healthcare Enterprises you will have our complete attention start to finish with your custom designed mobile unit – whether it be new construction or a repair or refurbish.

Dr. John Balko

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