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Repurposing Program (New)

New Innovative Program Repurposing of Used Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Units, and Trailers

  • Up to a 50% cost savings over purchase of new unit

  • We will find a unit suitable for your needs

  • We will pickup and deliver the selected unit to our factory location

  • We will redesign interior to ergonomically fit the utilization pattern for your intended purpose

  • We will not deliver completed unit until unit is inspected at our facility and buyer is completely satisfied with finished product

  • We can also repurpose recreational trailers using the same program and procedures

  • We have been building professional service units for over 40¬†years, and have developed many proprietary methods and procedures to build you the most economical, lightest weight, easiest to maneuver vehicle available in the market place today


This innovative repurposing program may also be used to assist you in donating recreational vehicles for tax purposes to your favorite charity, church, school, clinic or hospital. We can repurpose your donated unit into a vehicle or trailer they can utilize for their current needs, medical services mobile offices, bookmobile, etc.



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