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At Healthcare Enterprises, we specialize in starting from scratch to build completely unique mobile units for very specific uses. To engineer these vans, trucks and trailers, our team collaborates to cull and leverage the best techniques of small-space architecture, efficient interior design and cunning metal fabrication. Our ingenious designs can emphasize storage space, interior maneuvering space or equipment placement, depending on the specific needs of your enterprise.

Healthcare Enterprises designs each unit from the ground up with the end utilization in mind. From placing extra floor cross braces under heavy equipment such as hearing test booths to strategically placing onboard generators to eliminate background noise from examination areas. With our decades of experience in patient flow and care, we can assist in the design of an ergonomically superior floor plan.

In every single project we take on, our talented professionals pool their decades of experience to create self-propelled units and specialty trailers that cater to very specific sets of needs while maintaining fully functional traveling capabilities. Our custom units remain mobile and efficient through wildly diverse landscapes and weather conditions.

Our vast network of resources allows us to design and develop your custom mobile unit at wholesale prices, so that we can meet your needs without breaking your budget.

Because we engineer each medical vehicle from the ground up, we are able to offer a variety of useful features in our Hearing Test vehicles, including:

  • Completely customized windows and doors

  • Strategically placed storage areas and customized cabinetry with travel-proof latches

  • Customized ports for safely attaching medical equipment

  • Customized workspaces with built-in desk surfaces and file drawers

  • Wi-Fi and TV hookups

  • Easy-to-clean fiberglass or soft-touch walls and ceilings

  • Built-in generators, heaters, air conditioning units and water supplies

  • High-density bubble wrap or fiberglass insulation for efficient, energy-saving heater & air conditioner usage


Reasons to choose ‘Mobile Hearing Test Units‘ to design and build your professional service truck or trailer:


  • We will custom design & build units to fit your needs and applications regardless of the industry you serve.

  • Our trained professionals each have over 40 years experience.

  • We design and build custom made units at mass production prices.

  • We have professionals available to us for consultation to better design your unit to be the most efficient and cost effective.

  • Our units are designed to give long lasting cost effective service.

  • Most all our units do not require a CDL license to drive, although we will build larger if needed.

  • We choose national sub contractors so you have local coverage no matter where you are located.

  • We can refurbish your existing unit to like new condition.

  • Lower profile units have a more professional, medical appearance than the conventional box truck design

  • Our mobile audio test units not only are lower profile than any in the industry, but weigh less and have better sound attenuation.

  • For example; our custom built 6 person sound room weighs approx 3000 lbs versus up to 10,000 lbs for conventional sound rooms.

  • Our sound rooms can give full height in low profile mobile units such as shuttle bus bodies, conventional sound rooms can not.

  • Our patent pending custom layered construction gives better attenuation and weighs thousands less that the heavier conventional sound rooms and is the only booth today that will work in a low profile mobile unit.

  • We can assist you in selling your existing unit.

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